Summer Camp!

Treebeard is teaming up with Rooted and Free Schoolhouse for a one-of-a-kind nautre camp happening through the months of June and July. We have opened up a second day to accommodate more students, but spots are filling up quick; head over to their website (link below) for more info!

Rooted and Free

Vanquish boredom for good with fantasy-based education and quality wooden toys

Our mission at Treebeard is play in its purest form; whether that's through our epic educational offerings, custom carpentry and furniture design, or producing the finest heirloom toys, Treebeard promises nothing short of spell-binding products that engage, inspire, and endure.
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  • Build lasting bonds through family play

    Playing with family members forms strong bonds that last a lifetime, and helps reinforce relationships, and strong communication skills. Treebeard toys are fun for all ages and awaken the hero inside. And let’s face it, no matter how old you are, marshmallow crossbows are awesome.

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  • Ditch the screens & spend more time outside

    Outdoor play nurtures a lifelong love of nature. It also encourages exercise and aids in sensory and cognitive development. Our classes inspire kids to get outside and imagine their own grand adventures.

    Hero Training 
  • Give a gift they’ll love for years to come

    Treebeard toys and classes are one-of-a-kind, exciting, adventures that inspire us to be the best hero we can be- all through the lens of play. Teaching a child how to play is one of the best skills they can learn to ensure a successful, vibrant, and healthy life. Whether you're conquering a new skill, taking on a new challenge, or simply buying a new toy: Treebeard is here to help you play to the fullest!

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  • Help your child develop cognitive & life skills

    Say goodbye to detrimental toys with annoying lights and sounds. Our toys are perfect for unstructured, imaginative play.

    Open-ended play leads to many benefits, including: 

    - Increased confidence

    - Creativity

    - Emotional intelligence

    - Social skills

    - Higher academic scores

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  • Heirloom quality

    Our products are built to endure, and keep their beauty and functionality for many years to come. Through elegant design, sturdy construction, and an indomitable will, we tirelessly strive to create products your little adventurer can one day pass down to their little sibling, or their own child.

  • Durable construction

    We build our toys for years of rugged play. You won’t find cheap plastic and flimsy hardware on a Treebeard toy. We make our toys with adventure in mind. Purchasing high-quality, rugged toys that won’t need replacing is one of the best investments you can make for your child. It will save you money and heartache, while paying out dividends in quality of life.

  • Handcrafted and Uncompromising

    Our toys are ALL original designs, handmade in our workshop in Cicero, Indiana. We subject all our products to rigorous testing and trailing to ensure they are the best adventure products possible to engage your children in safe, fun, open-ended play.

  • Beauty through play, redefined

    We all get tired of the mountain of ugly cheap toys cluttering our living space. Treebeard products are uncompromisingly crafted to look and feel delightful, and we promise to always add to the beauty and aesthetic of your play space.

  • No annoying electronics

    Every parent has, at some point, come close to smashing a chirping toy cell phone with a hammer. Treebeard toys won’t cost you your sanity.

From our founder, Joe Heiser

I started Treebeard out of necessity. My boys were fighting, melting down, and generally had trouble regulating their emotions. I realized I had been focusing on distracting my children rather than engaging with them. All too often, "playtime" meant video games or cheap electronic toys.

I had to do something. I started listening to my kids. I watched how they played together and alone. And I started building high-quality toys, tailored to their developmental needs.

I used these toys as tools to further develop fantasy-based education aimed at teaching and mentoring children on their own hero's journey.

And the transformation I have seen within my own family and community is nothing short of miraculous. Play, laughter, and adventure is now an integral part of our every day.

At Treebeard Toys, we put this level of awareness, engagement, and play into everything we make. I hope our products will help foster the same playful transformation in your family!